The Creli Group Ltd. was found in 2018 to answer the fast-growing need in Games Education in India. The company is registered in Finland with a business ID 2958708-7. Creli Group provides consulting and education on the topics of Game Development, Gamification and Games Business.

The top lecturer at Creli Group is Jaakko Kärkölä. He has worked at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and has done two successful game development programs with near 500 students in India, one in Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with KAMK and APSSDC and one in Delhi in collaboration with KAMK and IIIT-Delhi. Before pursuing the lecturing career Jaakko was working as the Executive Vice President of Kajak Games and has experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer, System Administrator, and Development Operations Engineer positions from Immobile Games Oy. His background in Customer Service Representative for the Business Customers for the largest ISP on Finland has given him the undeniable abilities to provide knowledge about any topics on his field.